Simple Symphony

Simple Symphony


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1. Boisterous Bourree

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This is the first appearance of the whole work as a flute choir arrangement. In four movements, Boisterous Bouree, Playful Pizzicato, Sentimental Sarabande and Frolicsome Finale. Written in an accessible style, with modern twists to the timing and harmonies, this pieces is a fantastic addition to the flute ensemble repertoire. The first movement alternates between a running contrapuntal theme, and a more lyrical/harmonic second subject. Alternating between D minor and D major and reaching a thrilling climax before disappearing into nothing. The second movement is even faster (Presto possible), with neat fingering and tonguing required for the arpeggiated theme. The third movement is slow and seriuos, and is in G minor. A lovely mournful lyrical theme soars over modern sounding chords and harmonies. the finale is again fast (Prestissimo con fuoco), and requires some extremely fast tonguing in all parts (easier ossias are included). A fantastic opportunity for flautists to try something new!

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Robert Rainford



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