Water Music: Allegro

Water Music: Allegro


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Water Music:Allegro

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Handel’s famous collection of 21 orchestral pieces that form the ‘Water Music’ was his response to a request from King George I for a concert on the River Thames, that was given on 17th July 1717. King George and his entourage were in the royal barge, moving slowly upstream on the rising tide, while Handel and 50 musicians playing strings, oboes and horns, performed on a second barge alongside. The river was crowded with other boats, and listeners lined the river banks on either side. The king was so delighted with the music that he ordered it to be repeated a further three times, until the flotilla eventually returned to its original starting point in Chelsea. The work begins with a French Overture and there follows a collection of mainly dance movements including hornpipes, minuets and bourées, while other numbers just have a tempo indication, like this Allegro. In this movement, bright fanfares are exchanged between groups of horns and oboes in celebratory style. Arranged by Frances Jones.

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