Three Ballads Op. 63b


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1. Beneath a Red Sun
2. Rains in the Third Month
3. (Echo)…in the Silence of the Night

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Three Ballads for Euphonium and Piano, Op 63b were arranged in 2020 from earlier material.  Lyrical, elegiac and nostalgic in style, the pieces in this album are not intended to be performed as a suite. They are individual duos, ideal for concert use or for free-choice examination pieces. The first two ballads are reworked from discarded material in an early opera – Yellow Earth Ridge – produced in 1976 and later withdrawn. Never waste a good melody! The third ballad is an elaborate reworking of a song from …too bitter sweet (2017).   1. Beneath a red sun (c. 4’ 40”)
2. Rains in the Third Month (c.4’)
3. (Echo)….in the silence of the night (c. 3’ 45”)

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