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1st movement
2nd movement
3rd movement


The piece takes advantage of the Euphonium’s full range and has been written for the more advanced player, although the slow movement can accommodate the less advanced players. The player may feel free to be creative throughout the entire piece. The first movement should be played at a lively and energetic tempo with a joyful approach. Particular attention should be paid to articulation, phrasing and the dynamic markings. The glissandi are optional, as are the optional cadenza parts and pedal notes. The second movement requires some really expressive and rubato playing. Phrasing and legato playing should dominate throughout, with lots of feeling and tone. Like the first movement, the third movement should be lively and energetic. No legato playing and attention once again to articulation and phrasing. Options are written in for the high notes, but the player may feel free to attempt them.

As a composer, I create the composition. As a musician, you create the music.

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