There’s Always Time

There’s Always Time


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1. Through The Mists Of Time
2. Time Flies
3. Time For Reflection
4. Out Of Time

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‘There’s Always Time’ was commissioned by the British Clarinet ensemble with it’s first performance at the 2018 Clarinet & Saxophone Society Convention at Nottingham University. Some members of this group have performed all my clarinet choir works.

‘Through the Mists of Time’ is supposed to give the feeling of scenes emerging from the mist, and ends with repeated phrases getting quieter & lower, followed by a chord from the higher instruments which leads into ‘Time Flies’ starting boldly with the same chord. The alternating 4/4 & 7/8 passages give the feeling of haste, as do the rushing scales. ‘Time for Reflection’ has a languid feel, with repeated phrases between the instruments, as though they are being considered. ‘Out of Time’ is in 5/8, with exuberant phrases starting at different times by the various instruments. This possibly gives the feeling that they are out of time, but of course they are not, and they all triumphantly end together.

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