The Last Summers

The Last Summers


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The Last Summers

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One of the most eerie historical events was the incarceration of the Romanovs in their luxurious summer home mansion after Czar Nicholas abdicated the throne. The emotional impact of the story for me is the contrast between the light, easy times then and a brutal execution later. Such is the way of the world, impending disaster let off for a while, only to come in full force someday; a little luxury now and again in payment for a disaster later. Maybe there will be a little hope that things will be okay, but possibly they will never quite be the way they were again, at least in this world. This work is about those feelings: a strange, eerie splendour of summers gone by, perhaps smattered by a vaguely Italian-sounding theme of a majestic waltz or opera, the strange future tragedy in a haze of reminiscence, and the possible acceptance of impending doom. This is my short string quartet The Last Summers. 

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