String Quartet No. 3

String Quartet No. 3


Click the links below to see and hear the sections of the piece.

1st Section – Allegro
2nd Section – Scherzo
3rd Section – Molto Adagio – Allegretto
4th Section – Allegro

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The string quartet even nowadays remains a test for every composer. For me, the string quartet represents a moment to create something symphonic in a chamber music dimension, with a perspective of instrumental democracy: no one prevails over the others, but together they try to create something unique. This quartet, inspired by the moods of old American folk tunes, therefore represents a synthesis between the Sonata form in four movements and the need for synthesis. The four movements are united in a single cyclic form. The exposition follows the traditional bithematic structure and thus the beginning of development. But, as in a game of Chinese boxes, the Scherzo, traditionally the second movement, becomes part of the development, as well as the Trio that becomes the Adagio of the sonata form. The repeating of the Scherzo becomes the springboard for the energetic recapitulation of the quartet, that leads to the Coda, a faster and variated version of the Scherzo.

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