The Gelato Trio


Click the links below to hear the movements in a version for violin, bassoon and piano.

1 – Life Without Gelato
2 – Life With Gelato

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The Gelato Trio was inspired by and composed during a music festival in Assisi, Italy. It just so happens that the finest gelato in all of Italy is located right across the street from the festival hotel, and many of the musicians became fixtures in that particular gelateria! Many great friendships were born over a gelato, or two, or three… each day. The trio was composed for 3 friends in particular, a violinist, bassoonist and pianist. While introducing the concept of gelato to new friends, it seemed only fitting to arrange the piece for oboe, bassoon and piano. After all, the oboe and bassoon go together like gelato and chocolate! The piece is divided into two distinct movements. The first movement, “Life Without Gelato” expresses (in a slightly melodramatic way…) the emptiness and longing one feels when deprived of such a delicious treat. The joyous, boisterous second movement, “Life With Gelato” exhibits the energy and happiness you can’t help but feel after sharing a REAL Italian gelato with friends.

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