Child’s Play


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1. Making Mischief
2. Flying A Kite

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Childs Play is a series of works for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano. These pieces are inspired by the composer’s nieces, with each movement depicting the various stages of children at play; joyfulness, destruction and of course naughtiness!

Making Mischief takes on the conversation between two excited children; in this instance the oboe and bassoon, each competing to be heard amongst the chaos that follows in their wake. Flying a Kite is quick and has a number of time signature changes to invoke the feeling of a breeze suddenly changing direction and carrying the kite higher on the wind. This is also felt by dynamic changes and pace of the semiquaver runs in both the oboe and bassoon during these moments. The challenges presented in this movement come from paying close attention to the staccato and leggiero phrasings which add to the characterful, playful nature of the piece. Not only that but both Oboe and Bassoon must also take careful notice of the dynamic changes which add to the light and shade of the storytelling. A graceful and poignant ending can only be achieved by good breath support and a clear tone in both instruments. The diminuendo should feel smooth, gradual, and last right to the very end of the final bar.

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