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Sonority is a generic term for a selection of pitches sounded simultaneously, and it is interchangeable with words such as chord or harmony. It describes a full, rich deep tone.
1st Movement – Written within a few days this tapestry of sound was appealing and inspiring. What can be achieved when 4 individual instrumentalists collaborate to produce a sound spectrum unique in colour and texture.
2nd Movement – 22 bars of introduction lead to the main theme which has a driving repetitive motif. This is a heartfelt melody Bar 62 lifts the mood and each of the instruments contribute equally to the overall effect. Bar 118 sees a return to the darker theme and the piece ends in a unison with underlying piano semiquavers.
3rd Movement – An introductory 14 bars leads to the main theme marked Andantino (animandosi) which is light and carefree. The harmonies are intricate and varied. Bar 109 sees a return to Andante con moto and there is a tranquil interlude. At Bar 147 the main theme returns with a final triumphant flourish.

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