A Little Threeness for Winds

A Little Threeness for Winds


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1 Trio
2 Duet for Oboe and Clarinet
3 Bassoon Solo
4 Duet for Oboe and Bassoon
5 Trio

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A Little Threeness was composed in March of 1989 and had it’s premiere at the nternational Double Reed Convention in Manchester, England on August 14th 1989. The compostion is approximately nine and a half minutes in length and explores different combinations, ranges and character effects that are possible with the oboe, clarinet and the bassoon. My intention was to write a relatively light work that would require a high degree of rhythmic precision and dialogue between the players. Colour, dynamics and articulation are prime aspects for musical development. I was interested not only in the combination of these instruments as a trio grouping, but also in solo and duet combinations. Consequently there is a duet for oboe and clarinet, a duet for oboe and bassoon, and a movement for solo bassoon. There is one area of the work that uses borrowed material and that is the second movement which, essentially, is a parody on the opening phrases of the hymn tune ‘Come, Ye Thankful People, Come’.

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