Romance and Gavotte


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Oboe and Bassoon are the two double-reed instruments in the woodwind group, and their original repertoire as a duo, comes mainly from the XX century. The main problem is the difficulty of this repertoire so ‘Romance and Gavotte’ tries to give, to this chamber music group, two pieces with a medium difficulty part for oboe, and a slightly more complex one for bassoon. Two different pieces, with different issues, designed as a sequence. The ‘Romance’, after a short introduction between the two instruments, is a melodic piece, with a wide cantabile range for the oboist, and a great part for the bassoonist, which is responsible for bass and arpeggios. Despite the title, this piece should be played clinically – less romanticism, more neoclassicism The ‘Gavotte’ that follows the ‘Romance’ is not conceived as a direct homage to the baroque dance, but it is more a contrapuntal conversation between the oboe and bassoon, with modern dissonances and harmonies, syncopated rhythms and chromaticism, all in a dance full of little gallantries.

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