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1. Proclamation
2. Canzon: O Magnum Mysterium
3. Ricercar
4. Sennet – Tucket Antiphon
5. Clarion Call
6. Anfar

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Partita for Brass Quintet, Op 54 was composed in 2015, a compilation of earlier material (five fanfares combined with two choral pieces) recomposed idiomatically in six movements for the standard brass quintet.

Constantly changing combinations of instruments give wide textural variety, and frequent use of mutes provides added sonority. Some of the titles allude to stage directions of Elizabethan plays where a ‘Sennet’ would signal a ceremonial entrance or exit. A ‘tucket’ is also a flourish – sometimes from a distance, and a ‘clarion’ was used to signal an announcement. The term ‘ricercar’, borrowed from the late Renaissance or Baroque, means to ‘search out’ – to explore the numerous permutations of a motif. Similarly the word ‘canzona’ is also used flexibly and is borrowed from earlier music styles. The word ‘Anfar’ derives from an Arabic word meaning ‘trumpets’, now the source of the term ‘fanfare’.

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