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Palladio was inspired by the sixteenth-century Italian architect Andrea Palladio, whose work embodies the Renaissance celebration of harmony and order. Two of Palladio’s hallmarks are mathematical harmony and architectural elements borrowed from classical antiquity, a philosophy which I feel reflects my own approach to composition. The first movement I adapted and used for the ‘Shadows’ A Diamond is Forever television commercial for a worldwide campaign. The middle movement I have since rearranged for two female voices and string orchestra, as heard in Cantus Insolitus from my work Songs of Sanctuary.

Programme note by Karl Jenkins, 1996

This arrangement for flute choir has been aimed at developing ensembles, so whilst flute 1 is more difficult, the lower parts get progressively easier so that flute 4 is very manageable. The first and last movements require crisp articulation and neat fingers, the second movement needs long, sustained lines in all parts. Ideally there should be multiple players on each part so that players can stagger their breathing and not interrupt the lines.

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Robert Rainford


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