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This piece is in ¾ and has a layered effect with various melodies being played simultaneously. The four bar introduction sets the scene for the entry of the initial melody on the sopranos played in 4th’s, with the other instruments providing a solid rhythmic backdrop. The next section sees the Altos take the lead with a slightly slower melody for eight bars. This is then repeated while the tenors join in with a counter melody, and then repeated again with the sopranos adding another counter melody. This whole section is underpinned by the baritones providing a solid rhythmic foundation. After a more sparse section, and a key change, the feel becomes more rocky with the baritones providing a rhythmic bass, over which the other instruments share leading duties. This section utilises a wider dynamic range than before, and becomes more contrapuntal and agitated in feel, before a more tranquil last few bars. Overall a very melodic piece with several changes of feel.

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