Canzon in Echo a 10 Duodecimi Toni

Canzon in Echo a 10 Duodecimi Toni


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Gabrieli – Canzon in Echo a 10 Duodecimi Toni


This piece was originally published in Gabrieli’s Sacrae Symphoniae of 1597. This is a collection of pieces including motets for choirs of various sizes and canzonas and sonatas for varying instrumental groups. Like many of the composers who worked there, Gabrilei used the layout of the San Marco church with two choir lofts facing each other to create striking spatial effects. This seemed an ideal piece to arrange for a group of single reed instruments as the interplay between two groups of similar yet different timbres creates some stunning effects.

In preparing this modern edition, the note values have been halved to bring it in line with current performance practices. All dynamics and articulation marks are editorial and may be varied as desired.

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Robert Rainford


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