Octet Opus 20


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4th Movement


A complete arrangement of Mendelssohns String Octet for eight saxophones (double quartet). This is an early work by Mendelssohn, but displays all the features for which he is best known. Delightful melodies, playful counterpoint and wide ranging use of keys all keep the interest of both the listener and player through this large scale piece. In four movements, the first is by far the longest lasting about 15 minutes. Syncopated rhythms and a wide ranging tune give this a sense of urgency and excitement. The second movement is slower, but features intricate rhythms in all parts. The third movement is a Scherzo reminiscent of the music Mendelssohn was to write for The Midsummer Nights Dream, requiring agility from all players. The fourth movement is marked Presto, and is based upon contrapuntal entries which work their way up from second baritone sax to first soprano interspersed with unison sections. An exciting end, and a great way for two saxophone quartets to combine and end a concert. Not an easy play by any means, but well worth the work.

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