Glamour a la….

Glamour a la….


Click the links below to hear the movements.

1 Lo Tengo-Tango (a la Argentina) (with score)
2 The Blonde Lady and a Little Whiskey (a la America) (with score)
4 Boulevard de Grenelle (a la France) (with score)
5 Quadrille Stolichnaya (a la Russe) (with score)
Movements 1, 4 and 5 in a live concert

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The “Glamour a la …” suite was composed in 2012. At the heart of each of the five parts is a journey to one of the world’s countries though the exploration of its typical genre for the creation of a complete musical image. For example, Argentina is represented by tango, Italy – by tarantella, and Russia – by quadrille. An imaginary Hollywood picture was chosen to represent the American part, and a street chanson represents France. The suite features only humorous images – from lyrical to eccentric and grotesque, which is emphasized by the names of each of the parts. Duration: cca 13’

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