Four Norwegian Dances

Four Norwegian Dances


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Composed in 1880 for piano duet, these four charming dances make a delightful addition to any concert. In four movements, the first and last of which are more extended compositions featuring varied tempi and moods; fast semiquaver sections alternating with slower sections of lush harmony. The fourth movement in particular gets faster and faster ending with an exciting Prestissimo section. The second and third movements are simpler, but no less attractive. This is scored for a large flute choir – piccolo, four flutes, alto and bass flutes, with optional extra parts for G treble, contrabass, contra-alto and even sub contrabass flutes. All instruments have interesting  but playable parts – flute 1 goes up to top A while flute 4 is about grade 3 standard.

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Robert Rainford


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