Fictions and Folksongs Book 1

Fictions and Folksongs Book 1


Click the links below to hear the pieces in the book.

1 The Last Wicket
2 The Green Bed
3 On The Moorland

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Fictions and Folksongs mixes together fragments of traditional British folksongs with original material in a similar style. The music is full of strong melodies, with harmonies that are both evocative and inventive, and with rewarding parts for each player.
The first piece of the set, The Last Wicket, has a lively quality and a sparkle to it, with short melodic motifs passing between the instruments. This is followed by The Green Bed, in which each instrument takes it in turn to play a slow and beautiful melody. Finally comes On the Moorland, a more desolate and agitated piece that also includes contrasting passages of lighter music.

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