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1. Hurrying
2. Whirling
3. Ambling
4. Shaping
5. Flurrying
6. Jiggling
7. Prancing
8. Wheeling
9. Shadowing
10. Veering
11. Capering
12. Circling

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I wrote these 12 pieces between December 2018 and March 2019. The idea was to create some flute duets that present different types of rhythmic challenges to the performers whilst remaining technically accessible. I was partly inspired by Bach’s two-part inventions , and you will find lots of examples of imitation in the pieces. Although the flutes do frequently switch roles, the second flute is generally the one who often finds himself “holding down the riff” and playing in the lower register. The tempos indicated are, for me, the minimum required for the pieces to make sense and be enjoyable, but I also feel that most of them could be taken a little faster.

Geoff Warren, Pescara 2019

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