This duo for two flutes was completed on Christmas Day 2008 and written for Rachel Smith and James Dutton. They gave the first performance in April 2009 at a lunchtime concert in St. Anne and St. Agnes Church, Gresham Street, London. The piece reworks material from two of the composer’s trumpet fanfares: Sennet and Tucket antiphon. The overall structure is A B A1 C D A2; melodic and rhythmic motifs are constantly woven (hence the title), overlapped and transformed throughout all sections. Although the whole range of the flute is used, the rich lower register is especially exploited. Without harmonic support, the work relies on textural variety and busy, rhythmic momentum. Basically tonal, but without an obvious key centre, the work uses mild clashes to provide astringency. A gradually decreasing tempo allows for more reflective playing, before a busier texture increases the pace into a brief return of the agitated initial material, which brings the piece to an energetic conclusion.