Triple Threat


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5. Coffee Run
6. Triple Threat
7. More of the Same
8. Bruise Control

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A book aimed at the established doubler by initially going back to basics. Warmups are often overlooked due to time constraints yet form an invaluable part of anyone’s practice regime. This is especially true when it comes to forming the separate embouchures required for doubling. I’ve offered one warm up for Flute, Clarinet and Alto sax. Each one is loosely based on an ‘ensemble’ vocal warm up in so far as the same short figure will be played in a variety of keys. Unlike singers though, the player will need to conquer the occasional ‘nightmare’ key-signature… The backings are simple but functional as they will help the player monitor their own intonation, especially on those secondary instruments. After the player is comfortable on these warm-ups ‘Walk the Dogs’ provides an opportunity to combine your efforts. The title relates to the ‘every day’ practice regime that we should all ideally adhere to, at the barest minimum, something needs to be played every day on all the instruments we work on. If we played just one instrument, that might be easily achievable however when doublers armouries can include anything from three instruments to 50…not so much!
‘Walk the Dogs’ goes some way to help achieve this in so far as three instruments are played in quick succession though all the keys. Don’t be put off by its simplicity, it serves a purpose. When you are having (just like the rest of us) a bad day on an instrument (or 10!) then this warm-up is a great place to come back to centre yourself. Keeping things simple allows you to focus on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how the instruments and embouchures work.
After all that warming up, you might be ready for some action. ‘Coffee Run’ starts with a simple ‘half-time’ melody played by the Flute and Clarinet. The caffeine hits when you pick up the Alto Sax! Before the caffeine wears off…. ‘Triple Threat’ is a short funky piece that should be fun to play, if not a bit more technically challenging.
Finally, I’ve included two HARD pieces – ‘Bruise Control’  and ‘More of the Same’ are challenging ‘test’ pieces written for Clarinet, Alto Sax and Flute in an accessible pop-groove style that are designed to show off the players ability on all three instruments and both provide a viable option for an advanced college recital program.

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