Trio Sonatas Op 2 nos 5-8

///Trio Sonatas Op 2 nos 5-8

Trio Sonatas Op 2 nos 5-8


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These transcriptions of Corelli’s Op. 2 Trio Sonatas make great ensembles for grade 5 players. Each sonata consists of four small movements, varying in length from 8 bars to about 50 bars. Movement titles are taken from dance suites of the time, but the tempi do not necessarily reflect the titles. The top two flute parts are rhythmically independant, while the third part provides the bass line. (An alto flute part is included as an alternative to a concert flute for part 3). Key signatures are simple (C, G major and A minor), giving the players time to focus on the polyphonic lines. Flute one reaches top G very occasionally, whilst flute 2 reaches top F# once. Musically both interesting and attractive.

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