Trio Sonata Op. 1 No. 1

Trio Sonata Op. 1 No. 1


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1. Prelude
2. Allemanda
4. Capriccio
5. Gavotta


Vivaldi’s Op. 1 was a set of 12 Trio sonatas. At the time, a composer’s Op. 1 was seen as proof of maturity as a composer, and also the most perfected and corrected of his lifetimes publications. In fact many a composers’ first printed edition was often postponed until the composer felt he had reached the required standard. Trio Sonatas were generally composed for two violins and a continuo, although the soloists could be substituted at will. There were generally two categories: sonata da camera consisting of a group of dance like movements, and sonata da chiesa which were much more serious and alternated fast and slow movements.

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Robert Rainford


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