Toot (& Hoot) Suite


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1. Waltz
2. Compound? Simples!!
3. Pink and Blue
4. In The Niche Of Time

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Toot (& Hoot) Suite A four movement Suite for more advanced musicians. This Suite was brought together from two current compositions (movements II & IV), the other two movements were conceived around 28 years ago – originally for solo clarinet and piano – now re-drafted for flute, clarinet and piano. Flute and Clarinet have equal prominence in all movements. The Toot (& Hoot) Suite was first performed July 2018 at Christ Church Freemantle by Claire Stocker (Flute), Alison Hughes (Clarinet), and the composer at the piano.
I. Waltz: A jazz feel waltz in swing time with occasional straight phrases. Incorporating memorable and catchy themes; there is much lively, involved and colourful material from beginning to end.
II. Compound Simples: Cycles through a three bar sequence of 6/8, 2/4 & 5/8 – hence the title, and nothing to do with meerkats at all. Flute and Clarinet open with simple themes which are developed and varied gracefully throughout the movement – a pleasant divertimento.
III. Pink and Blue: A slow and intense romance with provoking extended lyrical phrases. Expressive statements and elaborate figures feature completely, whilst rich harmonies support the evolving themes.
IV. In the Niche of Time: This movement is a fun, animated, engaging, and attractive showpiece with a substantial unaccompanied cadenza for flute and clarinet. Rhythmically detailed with catchy motifs – this is an exciting conclusion to the suite.

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