Three Moods


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1. Jazz Mood
2. Mood Swings
3. Dance Mood

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The three movements of the Wind Quintet evoke three different dispositions: jazz; mood swings; and dance. The keys of the three movements are also related by the interval of a third. The opening jazz mood, in which the flute is replaced by piccolo, is a short rag in Bb major. The second movement begins in G minor with a chromatic wavelike figure on the flute, which is answered by melancholic long-held chords by the other instruments. After a more contrapuntal middle section, characterised by short spikey rhythmic figures, the chromatic wavelike pattern returns to provide a relaxed ending in the major mode. The final movement, which is a set of variations, begins with a slow introduction in which the dancers prepare themselves for the ensuing dances: a couple of waltzes, followed by a more energetic rustic dance complete with bagpipes.

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