Sand Dunes



This piece is tranquil in nature, and was inspired by an imaginary journey by camel train across the rippling wind blown sand of a desert. The music is in distinct sections, each depicting a different stop on the imaginary journey. After an introductory two bars establishing the feel for the 1st part of this piece, the flute takes the lead for 4 bars soaring over the rhythmic accompaniment. This is followed by the oboe playing a similar but subtly different melody for the next 4 bars, continuing for another 8 bars a fourth higher with different melodies. For the next slightly quieter section, the Bassoon and Horn alternate question and answer style with the other three instruments producing a rippling accompaniment. The Clarinet then takes the lead with the other instruments providing counter melodies over a falling bass line on the Bassoon. The final section sees the Horn take the lead with the Bassoon providing a walking bass line. The piece finishes with a paraphrase of the opening phrase. This composition gives all the instrumentalists a chance to shine, without being an obvious solo feature for any of them.

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