Ten Vignettes

Ten Vignettes


Click the links below to see and hear the pieces in the book.

1. 7:52
2. Etude
3. Reflections
4. Ditty
5. Gently Odd
6. Etude #2
7. Friday
9. Sunday Thoughts on Monday
10. молитва – molytva (prayer)

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Written over a one month period in 2022, each ‘vignette’ for piano lasts about a minute. I set myself the challenge of writing, if I could, a short piece each day. A few of the works were whimsical and written just for fun, others were ‘studies’ written to challenge myself at the piano. The pieces have all been written following a similar style. Each day I finished a work and via the wonders of modern technology, I also sent them to my Mum to try! I have included ten of the pieces in this collection. RN

1 – 7:52. I started writing this piece at 7:52 on the 15th February 2022

2 – Étude. I wanted te challenge of playing a piece with constantly shifting time signatures.

3 – Reflections. This one took two days…I wrote it on the 1st and reflected on it on the 2nd.

4 – Ditty. This is just something a bit daft.

5 – Gently Odd. It was the 17th, but a gentle day.

6 – Étude #2. This piece challenges the performer to play the piano with one hand (it says the ‘right hand’ but you could try either.

7 – Friday. It felt like a Friday and it was Friday…

8 – Trailway. This location is a wonderful place where I walk (and think ) a great deal.

9 – Sunday Thoughts on Monday. This was me not wanting to start the week.

10 – молитва – molytva (prayer). Having worked (remotely) to help support an annual children’s composing competition in Ukraine for the last three years, the news of the invasion left me without words.

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