The Coronavirus Preludes

The Coronavirus Preludes


Click the links below to see and hear the pieces in the book.

1. Long Distance Lessons
2. Euphoria
3. A Peaceful Friend
4. Always In For A Good Joke
5. Justice…?
6. Attack
7. The End
8. Finding Truth
9. The Illegal Wedding
10. Discretionary Time
11. Delayed
12. Onward

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The Coronavirus Preludes represent events that happened during the early Covid-19 crisis. In a set of 12 movements, I tell my own experiences through the coronavirus. The first movement, “Long Distance Lessons,” represents the lessons one might do online as a piano teacher. It is meant to be a cross between Bach’s own first Prelude in C in the Well-Tempered Clavier and something more modern. Number 2, “Euphoria” represents the abundance of free time that one could have during the coronavirus that led to good feelings. The third segment, “A Peaceful Friend” continues this idea, conveying the power of friendship through hard times. Movement number 4 “Always in for a Good Joke,” continues the narrative, representing the people in one’s life that make it interesting and fun. “Justice…?,” segment number 5, indicates the ethical consequences of the coronavirus. So many troubles in society were laid bare by the effects of an international disaster. You can hear the sirens of police cars. The sixth movement “Attack,” represents the serious mental health consequences of the Coronavirus. Panic and anxiety in the Coronavirus came from many places; from the questionable deeds of others, from economic downfalls, to being trapped in abusive situations. The attack goes to the point of burnout and emptiness in “The End.” Movement number 8, “Finding Truth,” urges humanity to move beyond the petty and simple into the profound, gaining qualities like kindness, love, and understanding. On the other hand, number 9 “The Illegal Wedding,” is about a wedding I attended where nobody wore a mask. The tenth segment “Discretionary Time” reflects the freedom and time one could have to amuse oneself during the Coronavirus. 11, “Delayed” ponders the sadness that came from broken relationships, delayed opportunities, and stunted dreams. Finally, the last movement “Onward” is a peaceful mediation of moving forward despite the challenges that the Covid – 19 pandemic has brought into the lives of everyone.

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