Suite Novatore

Suite Novatore


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1. Cantilena
2. Caduta d’Aqua
3. Cadente
4. Celtico
5. Cielo

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These five innovative pieces are scored for double string orchestra and originally written as a collaboration between student and professional orchestras.
1. Cantilena.   A holiday in Switzerland and a late night pedallo on the lake. The velvet sky bedecked in jewels of starlight and a melody is born. The water is alive with shifting lights along the steep forested cliffs. The beauty is overwhelming.
2. Caduta d’Acqua.   The Downhill Demesne is situated near to Castlerock in Northern Ireland and its Mussenden Temple overlooks the Atlantic. It is a beautiful and restful location. Along the route leading to the temple multiple small waterfalls splash from the cliffs on to the winding road.
3. Cadente.   In my grandmothers house there was a small room set into the eaves and I often crept up there in the dead of night to watch the stars. The panoply of glorious, shimmering colour and the awesome falling star.
4. Celtico.   A family gathering in the drawing room and an array of talented instrumentalists. Lots of sustenance and the odd beverage. Foot tapping, intricate and exhilarating with a rather extraordinary double bass line!
5. Cielo.   We look to the skies and beyond. The world is at a pivotal point and we are weary and worried. A peaceful and beautiful future awaits or so we are told…..

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