Suite de Danses

Suite de Danses


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1. Prelude
3. Courante
4. Sarabande

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As a child I was privileged to be introduced to these dances by Ms Watson my ballet teacher. She was an immense talent and explained the nuances and intricacies with care and passion for the subject.
1. Prelude (Allegro) – The introduction to the suite.
2. Allemande (Moderato con moto) An elaborate court dance popular in the 16th century. It is usually followed by the Courante.
3. Courante (Allegro delicato) A dance of french origin. The name is derived from the french word courir to run. Typically in triple time, it features a short up beat. Staccato in nature and lively in performance.
4. Sarabande (Grave patetico) A slow courtly dance in triple time often followed by a Gigue.
5. Gigue (Vivace Leggiero) A lively baroque dance originating from the Irish jig and imported into France in the mid 17th century. It usually appears at the end of a suite. The ABRSM have set the Gigue for Grade 8 flute from 2022.

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