Sonata Opus 166


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Alto Saxophone and Piano

An arrangement of Saint-Saens’ delightful oboe sonata for alto saxophone and piano. In three movements, with the charming melodic touches and harmonic twists of the Romantic era. The first movement starts allegretto, before increasing in speed for a more empassioned central section before returning to the first idea again to close. The second movement starts with an ad libitum passage, where the solo line floats freely over lush held chords in the piano. This is followed by a 9/8 section with the feeling of a pastorale with a beautiful flowing lightness, before a brief coda of the ad lib. material. The last movement alternates between march-like sections and flowing lyrical passages before racing to an impressive final cadence. A welcome addition to any concert programme.

Now featuring on the 2014 ABRSM Syllabus Grades 6 and 7.

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