3 Bb Clarinets and Piano. Incredibly exciting, this starts with driving repeated semiquavers in the piano part while the three clarinets build up syncopated chords over the top. This then bursts in to a section with a modern jazz feeling with fast semiquavers and chords built on perfect fourths, . After this, the first section flips, and the driving semiquavers are split between the three clarinets while the piano takes the melodic material in octaves. The middle section has a more relaxed feel with overlapping entries in the clarinets over smooth yet modern harmonies in the piano part with an almost bossa nova feel to it. The driving semiquavers appear and push the music to an exciting conclusion. The clarinet parts are difficult, with extreme ranges and some very fast articulation. Some tricky syncopation in all parts makes this one for the expert players, but well worth the work!