Sentimental Dances

Sentimental Dances


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1. First Encounter
2. Moonlight Waltz
3. Time Together
4. Last Dance

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Sentimental Dances tells the story of two strangers who meet and develop feelings for each other, but
who ultimately cannot be together. There are a range of emotions through the pieces, from excitement
and affection to the melancholy and sorrow of Last Dance.

Sentimental Dances is a versatile set of pieces, which can be performed at functions, events or as part of a
concert. Working well together, each movement can also be played effectively as a stand alone piece.

There are 4 movements:

1. First Encounter (Duration approx 2′) Lively, fun, with curiosity and intrigue.

2. Moonlight Waltz (Duration approx. 3’30”) Emotional and romantic closeness.

3. Time Together (Duration approx. 1’45”) Relaxed and flowing together.

4. Last Dance (Duration approx. 3′) Sadness and despair as they part ways.

Total duration approx. 10’15”

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