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1. Rootstock (Plonkady)
2. Les Trois
3. Root-Note 466.17
4. Rootlin

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Originally a three movement piece (Les Trois came later), a piece of high technical demand which will test most ensembles. It was commissioned by the Flute Trio: Flute Roots, who teach and perform in Hampshire. Each of the Flautists was taught by Robin Soldan, their ensemble name reflecting their linked musical roots. The piece was first performed by Flute Roots in 2015.

I Rootstock (Plonkady):- a short, quick introductory movement, couching covert references to the Poulenc Flute Sonata (Poulenc parody – Plonkady). Quick legato & staccato ostinato sections progress with ever changing perspectives of instrument & pitch throughout the movement.

II Les Trois [optional]:- a slower movement, featuring involved note clusters. A quicker & more rhythmical middle section holds a respectful nod to a comedian & musician.

III Root-Note 466.17 – the Hz frequency of Bb. A very slow, detailed & reflective movement – a test of dynamic control and ensemble balance. Striving from the start to resolve, the movement explores episodes of tension & diversion, employing a persistent and unrelenting rhythmic pulse, before finally settling on the root note Bb.

IV Rootlin:- a very quick & rhythmical final movement based on falling semitones. Adapted for three flutes from the final movement of Soprattutto per Appiccicoso (unaccompanied Flute Solo – Jonty Hall), changes in time signatures add to the rhythmical drive, involvement and impetus.

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