Psyche Up The Band

Psyche Up The Band


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1. Hymn
2. Ebb and Flow
3. Flourish
4. Wisdom


This set of pieces for saxophone choir is written for the easy to intermediate skill level so is suitable for beginners on the instrument. It is written for the full set of standard saxophones although the Soprano part is doubled by Alto 1 and the Baritone part is doubled by Tenor 4 if some groups do not have access to those instruments.
“Hymn” – This is the easiest of the set and is fairly straightforward. It is like a hymn tune with variations and a key change.
“Ebb and Flow” – A faster swing in common time featuring ripples through the choir with some “jazz” harmonies and question and answering phrases. “Flourish” – This movement is slower and more tuneful. In waltz time but with a one-in-a-bar feel. The close harmonies will need extra care with intonation. “Wisdom” – An easy, lazy tempo with emphasis on dynamic changes to bring out the different parts. Some more interesting harmonies to give it a more jazzy feel.

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