Moonlight Dance

Moonlight Dance


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Moonlight Dance

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Completed in 2018, Moonlight Dance makes extensive use of Phrygian harmony to create a new work that is both challenging and fun to perform. Split into four distinct sections, the piece opens with an “oom cha” feel, followed by a metrically complex array of time signatures more akin to modern classical music, leading into a section taking influence from the world of Klezmer and finally, the piece concludes with a recapitulation of the opening section at a much quicker tempo, allowing for the demonstration of the technical virtuosity of the performers. By design, the piece draws influence from a variety of styles including idioms from the Classical era right through to Funk inspired rhythms all doused in the dark and mysterious nuances of the Phrygian mode. Moonlight Dance is dedicated to my good friend and clarinettist, Katherine Williams.

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