Mega-Fun Piano

Mega-Fun Piano


Click the links below to see and hear the pieces in the book.

1. March of the Ants
2. Chimps at Play!
3. Follow My Leader
4. A Spooky Cave
5. Evening Stroll
6. No Worries
7. Cat Playing a Piano!
8. Exam Blues
9. Rockin’ Free

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Mega-Fun Piano is one of a number of books of instrumental pieces under the Mega-Fun umbrella. The pieces in this book are around Grade One standard and dedicated to a number of friends and teachers, Caroline Hamilton, Susie Lamb, Olivia Chapman, Carol Bracey and Shaun Bracey. Collectively, the pieces are designed to provide some musical and technical challenges. I hope that both players and teachers will find them interesting and fun! Fingerings are suggestions only.

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