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The ‘Imagery’ was taken from a painting which depicted dream like sequences and fired my imagination.
The 1st movement was written for a concert in Cardiff this was originally a stand alone piece. It was based around the Vivace theme and interspersed with varying Allegro segments. It ends with a pseudo cadenza which then moves immediately to a bridging passage which prefaces the 2nd movement and recalls the 1st movement theme but slower and darker in colour. The 2nd Movement (marked Moderato con espressivo) has a heartfelt melody evoking the imagery of the pictures darkening sky. The middle section is marked agitato ma delicato. The sky is turbulent and disturbed – a storm is imminent. A calmer and more melodious passage then gives way to more turbulence before the final stanza and the storm has finally passed. The 3rd Movement (Prestissimo) – based around three themes this movement is designed to feature the players technique and interpretation skills, and has an interesting interplay between soloist and accompanist. The imagination is fired and the clarinet displays its wondrous colours and textures just like the artists masterpiece.

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