Huddersfield Overture

Huddersfield Overture


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Huddersfield Overture

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‘Huddersfield Overture’ is an exciting show piece for windband, and features each section of the band in a variety of textures and solos. It begins with whirling woodwinds and an incisive, rhythmic idea, almost military in character. This is followed by a more lyrical section featuring solo flute and trumpet, and further contrasting ideas lead to a final, sweeping ‘big tune’. The various ideas are then developed, culminating in a calm, mysterious section reflecting on a slower version of the very first melody. An exciting build up leads to the return of the melody in its original form, blazed out by the horn section, and all the other ideas are also then recapped before the build up to a thrilling coda.
‘Hudderfield Overture’ was written for the Huddersfield Windband and their conductor John Turnbull, and completed at the start of 2019.

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