Four Flourishes for Four Flutes

Four Flourishes for Four Flutes


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1. Moto Perpetuo
2. Wicked Waltz
3. Intermezzo
4. Tarantella

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Four Flourishes for Four Flutes is a quartet for three concert flutes and alto flute consisting of four short pieces and with a total performance duration of a little under eight minutes. The highly enjoyable and accessible pieces are contrasted in mood and style opening with a rhythmic and dynamic Moto Perpetuo. The second piece is titled Wicked Waltz, the outer sections in a minor mode and with a humorous, music-box-styled middle section. The Intermezzo is lyrical with a cantabile, double-octave melody in flute and alto flute and with gently lilting accompaniments on middle instruments. The finale is a lively Tarantella where the melody quickly shifts between all four flutes. Of intermediate standard, the pieces, either performed together or separately, make for ideal concert repertoire in schools and colleges or simply playing for fun with four, flute-family friends!

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