These pieces started life as an excuse to get together with some flute playing friends. It’s now become something of a project. The pieces work with/without rhythm section, or alternatively you can just add one or two rhythm section players e.g use piano and bass or bass and drums etc. The pieces will work with a flute choir or quartet, but try and make sure that the top part has more weight of numbers than the other parts.  When rehearsing, try to obey all articulation markings. In jazz we like to develop a sense of ‘groove’. Always bear that in mind.  The parts themselves are very playable (I think), but fitting some sections together may be tricky, so they may need to be played very slowly at first. My concept of the pieces is that all the parts should be played as accurately and together as possible. Much of getting a good groove is about togetherness.  I hope you have as much fun playing them as I have in writing them.