Flights with my Flute

Flights with my Flute


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1 Vapour Trails
2 Coasting with Eagles
3 Eye Of The Storm

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This Trilogy of Flute pieces was composed in 2017 and I hope you enjoy playing then as much as I did writing them. As the title suggests, all three pieces take their inspiration from flying, a subject that has fascinated me since I can remember. The first movement, ‘Vapour Trails’ starts in a relaxed Latin feel that returns throughout the piece which should evoke the relaxed feeling one gets when dreaming of faraway holidays. It’s contrasted by the 5/4 sections that represent the clumsy process of actually getting through the airport and on to your destination! The middle movement, ‘Coasting With Eagles’ is my attempt at representing the huge soaring majesty of large birds of prey that glide for hours at a time. The long phrases should be approached with full lungs! Try to create a calm, unhurried atmosphere and always conserve your air. Finally, ‘Eye of the Storm’ tells the story of a small plane flying through a thunderstorm. The first entry of the flute represents droplets of rain appearing and as the piece progresses, the ‘weather’ worsens! Eventually, the Eye of the storm is reached and the mood changes accordingly. Don’t forget though – you still have to fly out the other side!

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