East Coast Pictures

East Coast Pictures


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1 Sandsend
2 Saltburn Sands
3 Whitby Harbour


Earlier this summer, by way of a break (which as a full time musician, is hard to get) we rented a cottage at Sandsend. The tranquillity of Sandsend, much quieter than its neighbours, led to this little suite of pieces. The first is marked ‘dreamy’ and is full of interest in all instrumental parts which should make it fun to play. The bustling port of Whitby, by comparison, is illustrated in a little piece of immense activity and needs careful attention to speed to make sure that the semi quaver configuration is clear. The middle piece in the set – ‘Saltburn Sands’ is more sedate; the Victorian and very laid back air of this resort is captured in the lilting rhythm. Ideal as a concert set, or as separate teaching material, these pieces were fun to write and should hopefully be fun to play!

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