Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland


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Alice in Wonderland


This music begins with Alice and he sister relaxing in an English summer garden in the sunshine. As we hear
Alice’s theme a white rabbit appears and runs past in a hurry. The compound time chase sequence leads
to a descending chromatic sequence which lands Alice in a pool of tears as her music adjusts to the strange
environment.  The Cheshire Cat and other creatures appear in her journey through Wonderland until she joins
the Mad Hatter for tea. His slightly chromatic theme dodges from key to key until Alice encounters the military
march of the Queen of Hearts and her army.  There is a reflective theme as Alice’s music tries to cheer up the sad
Mock Turtle followed by a lively Lobster Quadrille The trial scene is a musical interaction between two themes
often played across one another until a fanfare declares “Off with her head!”  As Alice grows and rises to the
garden her music takes her home safely. Was it a dream?
Like Alice herself, this intricate work is curious, slightly mad, and will lead you on an exhilarating journey
through wonderland. Its designed to be enjoyed by players and audience alike and is a sparkling addition
to any programme.
Approx. 11’30”

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