Celtic Moments


Click the links below to see and hear the movements in the Suite.

1. Reely Fast
2. Ny Kirree Fo Niaghtey – The Sheep Under The Snow
3. The Cutting of the Turf


This Suite is an unashamed joyful exploration of Celtic music. The first movement, Reely Fast, takes it name from the reel which is a fast music style usually heard in Celtic musical gatherings, and generally enjoyed by all the players. Play it fast and enjoy the ride! It contains a quotation from the Manx National Anthem. The second movement is based upon a Manx song that depicts a great tragedy on the Isle of Man, when a large amount of snow fell very quickly and buried many of the Manx sheep and lambs under the snow. The Shepherds worked furiously to dig out the animals but sadly, many of them were lost. The third movement is based on another Manx tune, the tune suggests the digging of the peat out of the hillside. The Manx people would then dry the peat, and use it as a fuel to burn in their house during the winter months.

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