Click the links below to see and hear the movements in the suite.

1. Acero (with score)
1. Acero (live performance)
2. Faggio (with score)
2. Faggio (live performance)
3. Biancospino (with score)
3. Biancospino (live performance)
5. Frassino (with score)
5. Frassino (live performance)


A collection of melodic pieces for bassoon and piano inspired by trees.

I had returned to my first garden after many years of travel. The trees rustling and singing greeted my ears and inspired me. I had planted them with patience and love and now in maturity each responded with their unique sound. Tall and majestic they towered over me and provided dappled shade in the balmy summer breeze. This indeed was paradise.

1 Acero (Maple) A canopy of russet leaves spreading over the wall.
2 Faggio (Beech) Finely veined leaves that flickered and shimmered in the sunlight
3 Biancospino (Hawthorn) Planted beside the shed and quickly adopted by a family of robins.
4 Salice (Willow) Simply beautiful in its exuberant abundance and graceful in its expressions.
5 Frassino (Ash) A powerful and solid tree with feature bark. It stands proudly in its simplicity.
6 Olmo (Elm) This tree is the character of my garden and never ceases to amaze and delight.

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