Atlantic Air

Atlantic Air


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Atlantic Air

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Atlantic Air was written for the 2017 Yorkshire Wind Orchestra Flute Day which is becoming a very well supported annual event for players from all over the country. The theme for this year is transatlantic music and so a flute choir piece which describes an ocean crossing seemed appropriate. The initial theme is accompanied by a motor cross-rhythm in semiquavers which almost simulates a 3/8 time ostinato, yet the main thematic material is a broad 3/2 syncopating to 6/4 at times. This represents engines working hard to produce fluid and flowing forward momentum. The second theme represents an arrival and a different, yet compatible culture. Once the theme has developed the recapitulation incorporates that culture by interweaving the themes and juxtaposing them on the journey back. There are good parts for all players and the work features the big flutes with melodic material from the outset.

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