15 Impressions

15 Impressions


Click the links below to see and hear each piece in the book.

1. Jump Start
2. For Two
3. Massimo’s March
4. Rhyme
5. Idyll
6. Carol went Singing
7. Almost Christmas
8. Kleiner Waltzer
9. A Skating Tune
10. Interlude
11. Impressions
12. Sea of Clay
13. Ballad
14. Souvenir
15. Fanfare in Five

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Fifteen Impressions for Piano were written during the Wintertime. This is reflected in the titles Almost Christmas, Carol went Singing, and A Skating Tune. They can of course, be played at any time of the year, and the majority of the collection has little seasonal reference. The pieces are aimed at the intermediate learner, providing stimulating and varied repertoire that aims to inspire both the young and adult pianist alike.
This book is dedicated to my father, Edward Anthony Whittaker (1938-2020)

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